The Early Travelers of Sri Lanka












Ceylon of the early travellers
by H.A.J. Hapugalle 1965

A traveler, Journalist of 30 years
and was Ceylon's Ambassador to
Rome and Athens
and Became First Head of
Ceylon Information Department
in 1948



Sir Emerson Tennent says
in his well known book on Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

There are no island in the world that has attracted the attention of authors in so many distant ages and so many different countries as ceylon. There are no nation in ancient or modern times possesed of a language and a literature ... It's nature, beauty, culture, religion,antiquities and productions have been described as well as Greeks, Romans, The writers of China, Burma, India and the geographers of Arabia and Persia; By the medieval voyagers of Italy, France and Germany; By the analysts of Portugal and Spain; By the merchant adventurers of Holland and Topographers of Great Britain.

Most of the references made in their works are on the Holy Mountain Adams Peak which they climbed and Sri Lankas wild life, elephants, gems, religion, culture and spices.

Among the greatest travellers FA-HIEN, MARCO POLO, IBAN BATUTA, ROBERT KNOX, PTOLEMY  lived in the island and  fascinated about it's diversity.

The Ancient Travelers to Sri Lanka

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The new travelers and what they have to say


Books Written by Sri Lankan Travellers














Historical Relations of Ceylon

Ceylon of the Early Travellers




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