The city of elephent rock

Kurunegala was Sri Lankas capital for half a century during the regain of King Buwanekabahu II (1293-1302) housed the Tooth relic in Dambadeniya Temple. Today It's an important city crossing many roads to different parts of the island. Situated by Ehtugala a Huge Black Rock of 325 m and Ancient Tank. The Ethugala Climb, Dambadeniya, Arankale Forest, Ridi Vihara, Old Railway Station are attractions. The beautiful royal citadels in Kurunagala you can visit are Panduwasnuwara, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa that has remains fortresses, temples, shrines, monasteries and hermitages.
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Pinnawala Elephent Orphenage

World famous as worlds first Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawela. This orphanage was established in order to take care of young elephants abandoned by their mothers for various reasons.
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80km 2 Hours

Colombo is Sri Lankas commercial capital with great shopping, luxury hotels, restaurants and a entertaining night life. Colombo is an important port in Indian ocean since ancient times. There are many locations relating to Portugese, Dutch and Britis...

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Dambadeniya is an ancient Kindom of Sri Lanka established by King Parakaramabahu II in the mid 13th Century. You can visit famous Dambadeniya temple and ruins. The temple has many Art and Crafts fascinating ancient Skills of Artists to work on rocks ...

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Kegalla situated between the central hills and lower country is a destination with many un-traveled eco locations relating to pre historic times as well as colonial times. Excursions offered in Kagalle district are best of nature and peaceful includi...

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Pinnawala Elephent Orphenage
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