The Multi Divercity

Knuckels misty mountain range with rich bio-diversity rises 1863 meters above the Dumbara valley. The knuckles the starting point for many rivers in the island. The Knuckles Mountains ranging from north of Kandy District expands to Hunnasgiriya, Rangala, Madugoda, Elkaduwa, Matale, Nalanda, Wagomuwa and Dimbulagala Eco locations. This mountain range has varying climatic regions in each part is a habitat for many species of birds and wildlife as well as an important water reserve. Some parts of the forest are in the dry zone while south parts are more of a rain forest. Much unexplored this misty and wet mountain range is a Adventure of a Life time.
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Rare Birds
Rare Birds
Nature Adventure
Nature Adventure
Train Travel
Train Travel
Wild Fox
Wild Fox



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