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Organized by Sri Lanka Tourist Board, WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005 demarcated the revival and rejuvenation of Sri Lanka Tourism. Sri Lanka This world event of Music and Drums brougth together,  Some of the best perfuming artists form around the world. They flew from as far as from Columbia, USA, UK, West Afric, Burundi, Cuba, Iran, Japan, Singapore to join  Sri Lanka's master drummer and renowned dancer Ravibandu Vidyapathi.

Over hundred and
sixty artists are lightening this event making a a unique combination of talent from around the world, Sri Lanka tourism is positioning on a new level as a place for events, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board Mr. Udaya Nanayakkara said at the opening press conference on 21st eve.

E fusion Team had this great opportunity to experience WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005. We covered this great event of Music and Drums in visuals as we enjoyed the diversity Master Drummers from around the world including our own traditions.
21st September Evening at Bishop's Collage Auditorium : Ravibandu Vidyapathy and Ensemble
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Ravibandu Vidyapahy and Ensemble opened the event with their drums. The Traditional Sri Lankan Drums were played as an orchestra. The master drummer of Sri Lanka and his team Ensemble displayed sensitivity of Sri Lankan Traditional Drums and Music that captured the hearts of audience. Only this day I felt how great is our own drums and music can sound... . After a high pitch singing by the little lady the drummers made drumming  formations with Gata Bera, Dwula and Yak Bera. The Thubla mixed well with the Flute when they played the melody of "Ukuasa Wannama" which took the audiences to the peak in Sri Lankan entertainment...

Then the Chemirani Zarb Trio from Iran came on stage... 

These photos may freely used for news on WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005. They may not be used for any other commercial purpose without permission. If you are an artist in these photos or a person experienced this great event we are happy to share our works as a souvenir for WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005.
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