WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005 ::: Sri Lanka's Festival of World of Music and Drums Photos
25th September Evening at Galle Face Green : Ravibandu Vidyapathy and Ensemble- Sri Lanka
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Ravibandu and his team  put up a great show of Sri Lankan Drumming, Their composition of Ukusa Wannama and Nasen's Kanjiram was again a hit. Ravibandu Vidyapathy proved that he is the new master, taking Sri Lankan Traditions to a new level creating an International taste for  Geta Bera, Yakbera, Thammatama and Dawula. Dressed in neat kandyan style, they displayed Sri Lankas Unique culture in costumes. Their show was a classic piece of  WOMAD.                   

The Yelemba D'Abidjan from West Africa Marches in


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