WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005 ::: Sri Lanka's Festival of World of Music and Drums Photos
21st September Evening at Bishop's Collage Auditorium : Yelemba D'Abidjan of West Africa
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When they marked on stage the auditorium was rocked with the sounds of their tribal drums. They were noisy, funny and great entertainers. They made crowed laugh with their acts and dances. They made a amazing display of Balafon music.  Dressed in Ivorian masks they looked like typical African warriors. The music made by them is extremely diverse, its instrumentation and vocal techniques were presented in almost all of Africa. 

Then we left to Kandy to join Dhol Foundation and Ravibandu Vidyapathy in an acoustics

Balafon is a traditional African musical instrument  wood, with 12 to 21 hardwood like mahogony  keys hardened by fire. They graduates in size. The gourds that are placed on the underside of the keys are attached with antelope skin, and covered by spider cocoon fibers to obtain a unique sound.  There is an African saying that instruments speak before they sing. The term balafon is said to come from the Mandingo word bala, which means to speak.


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